Road systems in relative proximity to asphalt plants are economical to build, however, this scenario only fits a small percentage of the need. Specific aggregate needs for modern asphalt designs are costly to produce and transport large distances to rural projects.

Our current asphalt pavement technology was first introduced to the market in 1870. Changes to bitumen chemistry
and aggregate preparation have improved performance, however core characteristics of asphalt pavement remain
unchanged. Short life cycles are often observed especially in regions of the world with limited infrastructure.
Asphalt is a flexible paving material. It is primarily dependent on the integrity of the underlying materials. Sub base
requirements can be costly due to the volume of crushed stone needed.
Technisoil Industrial has created Technisoil G5, a composite paving system that boasts superior durability and strength
values when compared to hot mix asphalt. We continuously work in conjunction with Federal and State Laboratories,
University researchers, and leading hot mix asphalt quality control labs in California to test TechniSoil G5 alongside hot mix
asphalt with aggregates currently used in highway mix designs. The following document gives brief description and
provide comparison of individual tests used to determine quality properties of asphalt pavements.


  • The G5 (100% RAP) mixture is stable and exhibited a stiffness similar to that of
    asphalt mixtures.
  • The G5 (100% RAP) mixture exhibited an excellent resistance to rutting at
    60C (140F); hence, offering significantly more resistance to rutting at the
    elevated pavement temperature.
  • The G5 (100% RAP) mixture exhibited an excellent resistance to fatigue
    cracking at 21C (70F) while maintaining a high flexural stiffness.
  • The G5 (100% RAP) mixture exhibited a fracture temperature of -34C
    indicating that the mixture will perform well in designated cold environment.
  • The G5 (100% RAP) mixture significantly improved the fatigue life of thin

Laboratory Evaluation of 100% RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) with TechniSoil G5® Binder